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December 4, 2017 1:43 pm Leave your thoughts

Let’s face it, finding the right mascara is kind of like finding a suitable mate – how do you know which one is right for you until you take it for a spin? Our National Makeup Artist, Keira Rowland, gives you the low-down on how to pick the best mascara for your needs in order to get maximum results:


The “Clean” Lash

You’re a fan of that “no-makeup” look – you want to bring out your eyes, but your look falls in the realm of effortlessly-chic, so nothing too major. Look for key words like “Lengthening” and “Defining” when shopping for the right mascara – a fine-tooth combed applicator, such as the one in our Tall, Dark & Handsome mascara, will also help you coat each and every one of your lashes evenly, without leaving behind excess product.


The “In-Between” Lash

Let’s face it – when it comes to your lashes, you’re a swinger. You sometimes go for a natural look, yet you want the option of adding some extra oomph if you decide to head out on the town after work. You hate the feeling of that awful “Second Coat” feeling most mascaras tend to leave behind. Luckily for you, Cheater’s unique formula let’s you build as much drama as you want, without flaking or creating extra clump-tastic, tarantula lashes. So go on girl, lash out.


The “Dramatic” LashWhen it comes to your lashes, you like to give Kim K a run for her money. You want those sky-high lashes that make heads turn (and won’t quit on you), so our Body Builder is definitely your perfect go-to. Body Builder’s special hourglass-shaped wand makes sure you coat each and every last lash for maximum volume, and its blacker-than-black intense pigmentation means your look will be anything but subtle.


So now that you’re armed with all you need to know about how to snag the best mascara for you, go paint!

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