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Defining a fool-proof approach to select the right makeup for your skin

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Are you keen to decipher the secrets to find the perfect makeup for your skin? Well, the truth is that applying and selecting the right makeup for your skin is an art and there is no room for mistakes.

If you end up selecting the wrong makeup, then it can ruin your skin for all times to come. If you mess up the shade of your foundation, your skin will not flaunt the glow and the beauty you want.

Finding the right blush is an equally challenging endeavor. It can be a tough job to choose from the rosy red, coral or pink palettes. To make your quest easier we will give you a guideline to select your makeup.

Selecting the right makeup for your skin type

Discover your undertone and choose your foundation

When you have to choose makeup, then the core component of your makeup is the foundation and selecting the right foundation is tricky. You have to keep the shade of your undertone into consideration also when choosing your foundation. Now, you can decide the appropriate foundation for your skin using a simple test.

Try to grab two pieces of clothing. The clothing should be of white and off-white color. When you have not applied any make-up, check which piece of clothing goes well with your complexion.

If the white shade clothing complements you, then this means that your undertones are warm. If the off-white suits you more, then this means that you have cool undertones. If both the white and off-white shades complement you, then this means that you have neutral undertones.

Similarly, you can also do a vein test to figure out your undertone. Look at the veins on your wrist. If they are green, then this means that you have warm undertone. If your veins appear to be blue, then this means that you have cool undertones.

If the veins appear to be both blue and green, then you have neutral undertones. Once you have discovered your undertone it is also important to figure out whether you have a dry, oily or normal skin.

If you have dry skin, then the best approach will be to opt for a liquid foundation stick. The liquid sticks have the necessary ingredients that can easily offer moisture to the skin. If you have oily skin, then you should opt for oil-free liquid foundation or powder foundation. If you have a combination skin, then powder foundation will work best for you.

It will help to distribute the oil absorbing makeup.

Selecting the right blush and lipstick as per your skin tone

When you have a fair skin, then you need to opt for coral, peach or soft pink blush shades. The benefit of this practice is that these soft shades will help to enhance your natural beauty. For fair skin you can opt for nude lip shades also. You should try to opt for pink or peach shades.

When you have a fair skin, then you can even pull off an orange lip color.

If you have a medium skin tone, then the best approach will be to enhance your natural skin tone. Ideally, you should opt for shimmer on your cheek bones. Peach and rosy pink blush will also be a good selection.

You should go for berry or mauve lip shades for medium skin tone.

When you have a dark skin tone, then the good news is that you can pull off any bright color with ease. You can try out jewel toned shadows. You can try out glossy pink lip shades. When it comes to selecting the blush you can opt for a bright orange shade. It will also be a smart idea to go for a shimmery blush.

You also need to look at the shape of your lips when you are selecting lipstick or gloss colour for your lip makeup. Glosses give a fuller look to your lips. If you go for lipstick with a matte finish, then it will make your lips look thin.

The dark shades make the lips look small. On the contrary, the lighter shades give this plumped up look to the lips.

Choosing the right eye shadows as per your skin tone

You have to consider your undertones when you have to select your eye shadow. If you have got warm undertones, then it is best to go with earthy shades or bronze eye shadows. Go for metallic, gray or jewel-tone shades for cool undertones.

Now, that you have selected your makeup, there are few other things that you should keep in mind. When you apply foundation and just want sheer coverage, then use your fingers to apply the foundation. If you want full coverage, then you should use a brush to apply the foundation.

When you have to select makeup for your skin, then it will be a smart idea to go for reputed brands. You will not have to worry about product ingredient quality issue when you go for reputed brands.

When you are beginner, then it will take you sometime to figure out the best brands and products for your skin. To get the best results you should critically analyze your face to check out how the products that go with your skin tone.

Gradually, you will learn to identify the loopholes and will be able to make better makeup selection in the future. If you have just purchased your makeup for a special event, then the smart approach will be to try out the makeup at home first.

This way you will get some time to figure out where the improvements needs to be made and you can bring about some finesse in the way you apply the makeup on your skin. Follow, all the makeup tips presented above and you will be able to get the best results for sure.

What you need to know is that makeup can change your face for the better or for the worse so doing some research work on your skin tone will help you in the long-run.


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